Growth Opportunities for Donors

Jefferson researchers and clinicians have an intimate knowledge of the needs and opportunities that exist within the institution, from research project possibilities to the creation of new academic centers.

This Program Portfolio showcases some of the creative ideas in search of funding that are available to today’s savvy donor. For more information, please contact us.

Program Portfolio

Kimmel Matching Program for Endowed Scholarships

Create a life-changing legacy.
A scholarship gift changes a life forever. Thanks to a matching opportunity made possible by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation, now is the right time to give. Donors who pledge at least $100,000 to establish a new endowed scholarship fund will have their gift matched dollar for dollar. Double your impact. » Read more

Jefferson Institute for Individualized Medicine (JIIM)

Next-generation Clinical Care.
The quest to unlock the secrets of the human genome began almost two decades ago. Today, we can look at a patient’s hereditary makeup and gain deep insights, tailoring treatments based on unique genetic markers. But we are at the very beginning of a journey of scientific exploration as we search for understanding of the mysteries of genetics. By building on Jefferson’s knowledge of basic research, we are on the verge of unraveling those secrets and creating patient treatment plans that are as unique as our patients are. This is the essence of individualized medicine. » Read more

Jefferson Institute for Surgical Innovation (JISI)

Surgical Programs of Clinical Distinction.
Jefferson’s growing repertoire of programs of clinical distinction, whether they are in the neurosciences, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal conditions or beyond, medical education and clinical care will be enriched by bringing together the latest and the best in individualized medicine and surgical innovation. » Read more

Jefferson Coordinating Center for Clinical Research

Centralized Clinical Research.
Already known for excellence in clinical care and research, Jefferson is incorporating the highest standards of the university in in expanding its clinical research capabilities. » Read more

Jefferson Center for Humanism in Medicine

Compassionate Care from Curriculum to Bedside.
The humanities can be a crucial ingredient in that unique mix of scientific, emotional and personal traits that ultimately make a good doctor, a humane doctor. They offer a shortcut to wisdom. In fact, they can telescope a lifetime of personal experiences into a flash of insight. They can teach ethics and self-awareness and can sharpen observational skills. The humanities can allow physicians to better process the pain and suffering that are unavoidable staples of this profession and life in general. They can also help us better understand and communicate with fellow human beings. Not surprisingly, they can foster empathy. All of these are desirable traits in a physician. » Read more

Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center

Compassionate, Patient-First Care to High-Impact Research.

We believe your brain deserves the best minds. That’s why we combined the deep expertise of Jefferson, Rothman Institute and Wills Eye Hospital to build the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center (JCCC).

» Read more

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