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Joseph Marini, 'PhD '97

Name: Joseph Marini
Class Year: 1997
Degree, Major: Doctor of Philosophy, Immunology

What is your current professional position?

I am the Scientific Director, PK/ADA/PD Bioanalysis with Janssen Research and Development, LLC, Johnson & Johnson.

In your current position, what are your responsibilities/duties?

I manage a group of scientists that utilize ligand binding assays to carry out the pharmacokinetic, anti-drug antibody and pharmacodynamic bioanalysis for Non-Clinical (non-GLP and GLP) and Clinical studies.

What are your current accreditations, memberships or affiliations in your field?

• Steering Committee member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Ligand Binding Assay Bioanalytical Focus Group (AAPS LBABFG)

• Contributing member of the European Bioanalysis Forum – Interest Group Macromolecule (EBF-IGM)

• Contributing member of the Global Bioanalysis Consortium (GBC)

• Member of the JGSBS Alumni Board

Are there any publications you have had or other awards/recognitions you would like to share?

I have had more than 30 papers published in peer reviewed journals. I am also a contributing author to the Roitt Immunology textbook.

What are your career accomplishments that you would like to highlight?

I am currently the Secretary of the JGSBS Alumni Board. I have collaboratively supported two successful Biologics License Applications to the FDA and world-wide regulatory agencies.

If you could give any advice to a current student in your program or a recent graduate what would it be?

"Sometimes you just have to jump and build your parachute on the way down."

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